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Monday, July 26, 2021 #digitalSales

Next-generation sales brings together the power of analytics, digital tools, agile processes, and people expertise to create an efficient go-to-market strategy—creating cost-effective, organizational efficiencies. BCG helps clients unleash the full potential of digital sales.

Companies face an explosion of digital touchpoints and channels—and the opportunity to access customers who couldn’t be reached with traditional models. To meet consumers’ evolving needs and stay ahead of the competition, organizations must adopt a next-generation sales approach: transforming from an outdated sales function to an omnichannel champion.

Approach to Digital Sales

Our digital sales consultants work directly with sales teams on the ground to benchmark your current B2C and B2B digital sales processes, identify untapped opportunities, and establish a data-driven sales strategy. Armed with this analysis, we roll up our sleeves and enable your teams to launch agile sprints and test ideas in the market—then scale up quickly.

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How We Supercharge Digital Sales
Our successful digital sales transformation is built upon five principles:

  1. Understand the customer journey. Leverage key digital tools, demand analytics, and the LTV/CAC ratio to gain full transparency into the customer journey.
  2. Optimize sales processes. Integrate marketing and sales with digital tools, such as digital inbound marketing, account-based marketing, and data-driven, customized offers.
  3. Optimize individual sales channels. Create high-performing channels with a digitally enabled sales force, AI-driven call centers, and data-driven inside sales.
  4. Align online and offline channels using next-generation sales management, shared incentives, and a real-time sales cockpit.
  5. Implement sales Tools. including a centralized global demand center, advanced analytics, and the right culture and talent.

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