be with WBS to build

Biz Transform Solutions

We make things lite

Business Digitalization is not an OPTION

Digital transformation is the mandatory key-result. We do not mention and do not necessitate abandoning an entire business procedures and brand. This is the time to employ creative technology solutions that allow enterprise and people to connect, to in sync with (and delight) customers using digitalized channels and methodology

  Bridge to national digital transform environments. WBS bring in simple and low cost to no cost solutions to small or household business to LINK and to benefits from digital services among enterprises such as seamless payments, financial supports, Banking services, and ready at first step to transform  

Our missions

moving   WBS cooperate and provide digitalized enterprise solutions on the basis of a comprehensive management application eco-system

moving  Innovative and create a new LINKS to connect people with people with Enterprises in real time

moving  Adaptiveness and Competitiveness are the targets, WBS lean with enterprises to maximize resources, enhance operating processes to position in the market

Our services

We lean with enterprise to understand and to digitalize procedures which optimizing people work-results, minize the risks
On-demand software development
Management software, applications on mobile devices, smartphones. Reduce operating costs, manage the risks, increase efficiency in business operations & warranty, etc.
Management system solutions
Analyze and design integrated methods for enterprise digital transformation strategy and roadmap
Provide software development and outsourcing plans according to customer background, and adaptive ability
SaaS & On-Premises Solutions
moving  SIM – Real Estate Interchaged-Stocks Management
moving  TMC – Task Management Console (Constructions)

Together, we make the THINGS lite!