WBS provides

On-demand software development

Management software, applications on mobile devices, smartphones. Reduce operating costs, manage the risks, increase efficiency in business operations & warranty, etc.

Management system solutions

Analyze and design integrated methods for enterprise digital transformation strategy and roadmap


Provide software development and outsourcing plans according to customer background, and adaptive ability

SaaS & On-Premises Solutions

SIM – Real Estate Interchaged-Stocks Management
TMC – Task Management Console (Constructions)

SaaS & On-Premises Positioning

brand positioning
TMC – Task Management Console 

Allows managers to make accurate decisions in operations, project management and human resources 

  • Project management
  • Automate the human resource management process
  • Personnel evaluation according to job performance - KPI
  • Flexible salary calculation
SIM – Sale Inventory Management

Optimize sales tools, increase competitiveness and help managers improve business performance

  • Bring the best solution for business
  • Increase business profits
  • Reduce time of information searching
  • Cut down operating time
  • Build competency frameworks associated with the company's core competencies
Sale inventory